Plateau Massage Candle Oil

Plateau Massage Candle Oil

 I am from North Philly and been in Georgia for many years . I wanted to name this new line of candles with a meaningful name .

I first jump out there and said Bewerytown 215 Candles and Oils that was the name of the area I was from . And and I said to myself nope that just don't have a ring to it . So I slept on it and you know what ? I still didn't have a name . I was like What can I name you out loud talking to myself , I think I said it about 3 or 4 times and then it Hit me like a ton of bricks 🧱 Plateau OMG Plateau !!!! My Philly family will know what I'm talking about . I will fill you in ...

Will Smith Summer time talks about a park we all would go to on the weekends.

" Back in Philly we be out in the park
A place called the plateau is where everybody goes " So that's my 1st reason that I pick the name because the sweet memories of home . We all knew what going to the Plateau at night ment 😂😂😜 . Which brings me to my 2nd reason.

Plateau the word it self has so many different meanings , if you looked it up you would be amaze .

This Massaging oil will do what it's supposed to do and that's to take you to your Plateau , and a bonus it heats up on its own. All Natural ingredients.

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